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Sol Badguy Hero

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Sol Badguy

Realizing that having a blood experimental body of the Gear Project made him become further and futher from being human, Sol Badguy stole Fireseal sword and escaped. Now living as Bounty Hunter. Grand Viper, jumps in the air continued by quick 3 hit combo. Riot Stamp, powerful dash kick that will knock your foe. Dragon Install, grants strength to guard-break your enemy. Wild Pitch, grab and throw your opponent over your head. Sol Badguy's agility and powerful air combo attacks will make you think twice before you jump.

Sol Badguy
Arc System Works


Skill Picture Skill Type Keys Description
Weapon Skill Weapon Skill -SD Grand Viper:

This fast 3-hit combo starts with uppercut, sending opponent to the air, followed by mid-air kick and finishes with FireSeal slash.

Armor Skill Armor Skill ASD Riot Stamp:

Devastating dash-kick that stuns opponent. Use mid-air to send them flying.

Helmet Skill Helm Skill A-D Dragon Install:

By unleashing inner rage, allowing guard breaking attacks for short time.

Trinket Skill Trinket Skill AS- Wild Pitch:

Grabs your opponent and do powerful overhead throw. Also, knocks down your opponent.

Skill Combos
Combo 1


Training Quests
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Basic Training Sol Badguy Training Begins 10 100 - -
Combat Training Play Sol Badguy for 5 minutes. 50 - - Weapon 3 Days (+1)
Combat Mastery Test Play Sol Badguy for 20 minutes. 50 500 It's a Trap! -
Mission Number 1 Play FactionWar/Ladder Match as Sol Badguy for 40 minutes. 100 1000 Through the Time Gate... -
Prove your skills Undead Iron Knight KO 6 times. 250 2500 - -
Proof of Strength Miniboss Iron Knight KO 8 times. 250 2500 The New Hope Gear Chest x2
For your lost teammates Undead Iron Knight KO 800 times. 500 5000 - -
Requiem for your teammates Miniboss Iron Knight KO 8 times. 500 5000 Getting Used to the Gravity Legendary Chest

Hero Level Quests
Quest Objective Medal Prize
To find the Path Sol Badguy Level 10 Search for a Sword Trinket 10 Days (+5)
Dangers Sol Badguy Level 20 - Helm 10 Days (+10)
Find the Fireseal Sol Badguy Level 30 Owner of Fireseal Armor 10 Days (+20)
Into Lost Saga Sol Badguy Level 40 - Weapon 10 Days (+20)
Seccrets of Fireseal Sol Badguy Level 50 Sol Badguy Awoken Trinket 30 Days (+25)
New Destiny Sol Badguy Level 60 -  Helm 30 Days (+25)
No Survivors Sol Badguy Level 70 Alive Armor 30 Days (+25)
Concentration Sol Badguy Level 80 - Weapon 30 Days (+25)
Master of Sol Badguy Sol Badguy Level 90 Finding a New Path Permanent Gear Chest
Sol Badguy Master Sol Badguy Level 100 Bounty Hunter Permanent Legendary Chest

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