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Jin Kisaragi Hero

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Jin Kisaragi

Straight from BlazBlue comes Jin Kisaragi the Ice fanatic. Specializing in ice attacks Jin Kisaragi is a chilling opponent. Beware his Arctic Blade, Fenrir, Ice Fang, and Moon Song attack as they can keep your character frozen in place. Jin Kisaragi is able to quickly dispatch his opponents and run circles around them. Don't let the cold steel of his blade be the last thing you see.

Jin Kisaragi

Arc System Works


Skill Picture Skill Type Keys Description
Weapon Skill Weapon Skill -SD Arctic Blade:

Release an icy spike underground that will hit an enemy ahead of you.

Armor Skill Armor Skill ASD Fenrir:

Unleash a icy beast to freeze enemies in front of you. When used in the air you do an ice explosion.

Helmet Skill Helm Skill A-D Ice Fang:

Unleash ice spikes on the ground to life your enemies. Same result happens when used in the air.

Trinket Skill Trinket Skill AS- Moon Song:

Shoot ice arrows at a 45 degree angle doing massive damage.

Skill Combos
Combo 1
Combo 1


Training Quests
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Basic Training Jin Kisaragi Training Begins 10 100 - -
Combat Training Play Jin Kisaragi for 5 minutes. 50 - - Weapon 3 Days (+1)
Combat Mastery Test Play Jin Kisaragi for 20 minutes. 50 500 New Family -
Mission Number 1 Play FactionWar/Ladder Match as Jin Kisaragi for 40 minutes. 100 1000 Yukianesa -
Prove your skills Undead Iron Knight KO 6 times. 250 2500 - -
Proof of Strength Miniboss Iron Knight KO 8 times. 250 2500 Blade of ice Gear Chest x2
For your lost teammates Undead Iron Knight KO 800 times. 500 5000 - -
Requiem for your teammates Miniboss Iron Knight KO 8 times. 500 5000 Love Manifestation Legendary Chest

Hero Level Quests
Quest Objective Medal Prize Prize Prize
Left Behind Jin Kisaragi Level 10 Left Behind Angelic Wings 10 Days (+5) 5 Treasure Capsule
New Family Jin Kisaragi Level 20 - Bunny Ears 10 Days (+10)
The Academy Jin Kisaragi Level 30 The Academy Servant Outfit 10 Days (+20)
Meeting with Yukianesa Jin Kisaragi Level 40 - Trial Gear Chest x2
Tug of War Jin Kisaragi Level 50 Tug of War Angelic Wings 30 Days (+25)
The Blade of Ice, Yukianesa Jin Kisaragi Level 60 - Bunny Ears 30 Days (+25)
The Hero of Ikaruga Jin Kisaragi Level 70 The Hero of Ikaruga Servant Outfit 30 Days (+25)
Love Manifestation Jin Kisaragi Level 80 - Gear Chest x1
Perfected Jin Kisaragi Level 90 Perfected Permanent Gear Chest
Battle of Century Jin Kisaragi Level 100 Battle of Century Permanent Legendary Chest Style Package

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