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Cyber Medic Hero

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Cyber Medic Logo
Cyber Medics Cyber Medics

Offering treatment to those injured in her pretty pink uniform, the Cyber Medic is a must-have hero in battle as her heart is as beautiful as her looks. She flies over the battlefield and supports her teammates by lifting opponents up into the sky with her Anti-Grav skill, or by sending a dose of Mega Drain their way so that they won’t be able to use their skills against her team.


Skill Picture Skill Type Keys Description
Weapon Skill Weapon Skill -SD Heal:

Heal your allies, they will appreciate it!

Armor Skill Armor Skill ASD Zero G:

Make your enemies hit the ceiling! Zero G causes an anti gravity force field all around the Cyber Medic.

Helm Skill Helm Skill A-D Drain

Drain them of their energy. Your enemies will feel a slight headache, but a much bigger one when all thier skills are unusable.

Trinket Skill Trinket Skill AS- Jet Pack

Vroom, rocket medic to the rescue! Activate your jet pack to gain temporary boost in mobility.

Skill Combos
Combo 1
Combo 2
Combo 3

Training Quests
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Basic Training Cyber Medic Training Begins 10 100 - -
Combat Training Play Cyber Medic for 5 minutes. 50 - - Weapon 3 Days (+1)
Combat Mastery Test Play Cyber Medic for 20 minutes. 50 500 Healer Meeting -
Mission Number 1 Play FactionWar/Ladder Match as Cyber Medic for 40 minutes. 100 1000 Battle Medic -
Prove your skills Undead Cyber Medic KO 6 times. 250 2500 - -
Proof of Strength Miniboss Cyber Medic KO 8 times. 250 2500 Fear of Flying Gear Chest x2
For your lost teammates Undead Cyber Medic KO 800 times. 500 5000 - -
Requiem for your teammates Miniboss Cyber Medic KO 8 times. 500 5000 White Angel Legendary Chest

Hero Level Quests
Quest Objective Medal Prize
Medic's First Run Cyber Medic Level 10 First Step of Medic Trinket 10 Days (+5)
To Heal Cyber Medic Level 20 - Helm 10 Days (+10)
A New Needle Cyber Medic Level 30 Syringe Rediscovered Armor 10 Days (+20)
Battle with Medic Cyber Medic Level 40 - Weapon 10 Days (+20)
A Medic Cyber Medic Level 50 Secret of Nurse Outfit Trinket 30 Days (+25)
Fear the Medic Cyber Medic Level 60 -  Helm 30 Days (+25)
Skill Completion Cyber Medic Level 70 Drain Master Armor 30 Days (+25)
Beauty of Medic Cyber Medic Level 80 - Weapon 30 Days (+25)
Dangerous Medic Cyber Medic Level 90 Pillar of Battle Permanent Gear Chest
Master of Cyber Medic Cyber Medic Level 100 Pink Angel Permanent Legendary Chest

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