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Chaos Dahlia Hero

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Chaos Dahlia

Straight from Chaos Online comes windy Elven archer Chaos Dahlia. Chaos Dahlia specializes in group combat where he’s able to assist teammates in combos and prevent combos. Chaos Dahlia has the ability to shoot players on the ground and -- if need be -- get up and close, deliver a few hits, and make a quick escape.

Chaos Dahlia


Skill Picture Skill Type Keys Description
Weapon Skill Weapon Skill -SD Tempest Shot:

Launch a series of arrows at your enemy whether they are standing or on the ground.

Armor Skill Armor Skill ASD Cyclone:

Spin furiously to knock back you opponent and get enough distance where you can fire your arrows.

Helm Skill Helm Skill A-D Like a Wind:

For a few seconds Chaos Dahlia enters a wind-like state where it becomes invisible and much faster. You won’t be visible on your enemy’s mini-map.

Trinket Skill Trinket Skill AS- Zephyer Slide:

Slide across the ground to launch any enemy you come across into the air. This skill works on grounded players.

Skill Combos
Combo 1
Combo 2

Training Quests
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Chaos Dahlia Basic Training Chaos Dahlia Basic Training 10 100 - -
Chaos Dahlia Combat Training Play Chaos Dahlia for 5 minutes. 50 - - Trial Gear Chest x1
Chaos Dahlia, Combat Mastery Test Play Chaos Dahlia for 20 minutes. 50 500 Broken Peace -
Chaos Dahlia, Mission Number 1 Play FactionWar/Ladder Match as Necromancer for 40 minutes. 100 1000 Gifted Archer -
Chaos Dahlia, Prove your skill Undead Robin Hood KO 600 times 250 2500
Chaos Dahlia, Proof of Strength Miniboss Robin Hood KO 6 times. 250 2500 Storm Barrage Gear Chest x2
Chaos Dahlia, For your lost teammates Undead Robin Hood KO 800 times. 500 5000 - -
Requiem for your teammates Miniboss Dark Shaman KO 8 times. 500 5000 Last War Legendary Chest

Hero Level Quests
Quest Objective Medal Gear Prize
Peaceful Forest of Fairies Chaos Dahlia Level 10 Forest of Fairies Angelic Wings (10 days)
Broken Peace Chaos Dahlia Level 20 - Bunny Ears (10 days)
Protector of Forest Chaos Dahlia Level 30 Protector of the Forest Servant Outfit (10 day)
Gifted Archer Chaos Dahlia Level 40 - Trial Gear Chest x2
Beginning of War Chaos Dahlia Level 50 Beginning of the War Angelic Wings (30 days)
Storm Barrage Chaos Dahlia Level 60 - Bunny Ears (30 days)
Before the Storm Chaos Dahlia Level 70 Before the Storm Servant Outfit (30 days)
Last War Chaos Dahlia Level 80 - Gear Chest x1
Recovered Peace Chaos Dahlia Level 90 Recovered Peace Permanent Gear Chest
Elven Commander Chaos Dahlia Level 100 Elven Commander & Style Package x1 Permanent Legendary Chest

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